Meet Our Instructors 



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Yoga has been Autumn's constant companion for over 25 years. In her teens and early 20s it was a great way to exercise and stretch, but by her 30s yoga became a meaningful tool to find relaxation and healing, self-actualization, and a deeper connection with Spirit. Three years ago she decided to become a certified yoga instructor so that she could share this powerful practice with others. Autumn's calming and inviting presence make her students feel welcome and at ease as soon as they step foot into her studios. 

Autumn is a certified RYT-200 yoga instructor and a Level-1 Reiki instructor. She is also skilled in the practice of Mindfulness Meditation. As a psychology major at Robert Morris University, Autumn is studying to become a clinical psychologist and has a been trained to work with people who have disabilities and mental illnesses.

Her passion is to help connect people more fully to their body, mind and spirit, through the breath and through movement. And it is her joy and calling in life to bring all of her skills together to help people find a greater sense of wholeness in their lives.



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For Shelby, it was love at first breath when she found yoga.  She instantly felt drawn to teach.  She found a way of movement that benefits the entire body, but most importantly a place to clear the mind for growth.  Completing her training as an RYT-200 yoga instructor in 2016, she is honored to be able to share this practice.

Outside of Yoga, some of her favorite things are taking in nature, comedy, trail running, caring for plants, and getting lost in loud music and good food.

Shelby aims to instill grounding, supportive, accepting, and freeing energy into her classes, with a special emphasis on stress relief for a renewed thirst for life. She's learned what a powerful tool yoga is to finding balance and a true sense of self.


Corina Berkoben


Corina is a super enthusiastic and fun loving person. She has a passion for life and it shows in everything she does! Her classes are powerful, inspirational and heartfelt. 

Corina completed her RYT 200 at Breathe Yoga-Pittsburgh, and she is also a school teacher of 19 years and absolutely loves children. Corina loves teaching kids of all ages the beautiful practice of yoga.

Corina has been practicing yoga for several years and has a deep desire to bring the peace she experiences to others. Corina's mission is to help other people feel refreshed, nourished and balanced once they step off their yoga mat. Corina believes yoga has helped her gain a self-loving state of mind, and she hopes to teach her students how to truly love and honor themselves as well.


Taylor Matay


Yoga feels like a gift to Taylor, and it has been the life-changing key that unlocked her healing and happiness. Her philosophy is that yoga provides a space where the mind, body, and spirit can truly feel a sense of comfort and inner-strength.

She started practicing yoga in her teens and became a certified RYT-200 instructor through Breathe Yoga - Pittsburgh. Taylor is honored to be able to teach at the same studio where she trained.

Taylor enjoys exercising, meditation, live music, being outdoors, and spending time with loved ones. Her goal is to help her students feel relaxed, centered, and strong while doing yoga - hoping that they can take those feelings with them outside of the studio and into their everyday lives. 


Suzanne Paone


Suzanne has been a member of the Murrysville community for over thirty years.  In serving others in roles such as wife, mother, executive and now professor and business owner, yoga has been an unwavering way to replenish Spirit. Suzanne became a certified RYT-200 yoga instructor through Breathe Yoga - Pittsburgh.

Her philosophy about yoga is simple: accessible yoga practice for everyone.  She sees Breathe Yoga as a wonderful gift and is excited to be part of this community-based, spiritual awakening.