Rules & Customs


Rules & Customs

If you’re a first-timer or simply want to get to know us and our studio a little better, here are a few things to acclimate you so that you feel right at home upon arrival!


Things to bring:

  • YOGA MAT: Or you can travel light and just rent one for $2 (Mat rental is free with memberships).

  • All TOWELS, BLOCKS, STRAPS AND BOLSTERS are provided, but you are more than welcome to bring your own if you’d prefer!

  • For Mediation, please feel free to bring a comfy pillow, talismans, beads, journal, and anything else that helps you to stay grounded and centered.

What to expect:

  • All classes take place in clean, cozy space, with either warm sunlight pouring in during the day, or lots of candle light when it’s dark.

  • Yoga classes are usually 60 min (Mommy & Me is 45 min, and Sunday Brunch is 90min). Meditation sessions are 30 minutes.

  • The yoga room is always set to a comfortably warm 70-75 degrees. Only the Flow class is set a little warmer at 85 degrees. (It’s a strong class, so you’ll be sure to sweat!)




There are showers and a changing area in the lockers rooms on the first floor of the complex (to the left as you walk in). Studio doors are opened 30 minutes before class. Please arrive in enough time to sign in ahead of class. 

We also provide 10 extra minutes after each class to remain in a quiet and meditative space if need be. Please be mindful of this and keep conversations respectfully quiet in the studio until we’ve opened the door.

Late Policy:


We have a 5-min late policy. Give yourself time to sign in and change. Our desire is to accommodate all kind souls, but if you are late, the class may already be full. If you are granted late entry, enter quietly without disrupting others. If you need to leave early, tell the teacher before class and follow her/his guidelines.


Please leave your shoes inside the shoe bench outside of the studio. If you want them with you we recommend putting them in a bag and storing them in a cube inside the studio.


Please store your valuables in the cubes inside the studio. No tech use allowed in the studio. Please put your phone on silent (not vibrate) and in your bag.

Clean up:

If using Breathe Yoga mats or blocks, please use the disinfecting spray and paper towels to wipe everything down at the end of class. This keeps everything clean and sanitary for the next student. 


Thank you for helping us to preserve the sacred space of this studio and overall yoga vibe.